The GillyGirls

Watch a recent Southern Gospel concert by the GillyGirls!

Southern Gospel Concert Feb 23 2018

Watch a 27 minute southern Gospel concert they performed recently in Fresno, CA on Feb 23, 2018.  Click HERE or the picture! Then click the square on the bottom-right to watch fullscreen.

About GillyGirls

The GillyGirls Band consists of four sisters–two sets of twins, Savannah and Morgan, age 16 and Hailey and Jillian age 13. They enjoy playing bluegrass, southern gospel and oldtime string band music. Savannah sings and plays mandolin and fiddle. Morgan sings, yodels, and also plays mandolin and bass. Hailey sings, plays mandolin and guitar. Jillian sings and plays mandolin, banjo and a little bass. They are quickly developing a unique style all their own. They all play the piano too.

They live on a ranch in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills and enjoy the daily chores and pleasures that country life affords. This adds to their charm and the authenticity of their repertoire.

Fresno Folklore Society Newsletter said…
Twelve-year -old twins, Savannah and Morgan, and 91⁄2-year-old twins, Hailey and Jillian have proved to be musical prodigies. They were poised and professional as they performed two sets for a capacity, appreciative audience. They made singing and playing multiple instruments look fun and easy. These girls love music. Savannah says that music is her “refuge”. Morgan says that “music is half of her heart, at least”. Hailey says that what she loves most about being in the band is “spending quality time, making memories with her sisters.” Jillian says that “music is the best way for her to communicate joy.” They also love their teacher, Evo Bluestein. The GillyGirls have only been playing stringed instruments since May 2014 and bass and fiddle for six months. What will the next year bring? (April 2016)
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