The GillyGirls

Some places GillyGirls have played:

    • Live radio appearance on KFCF
    • Family Concert at The Voice Shop
    • Bluegrass In the Park, Clovis CA
    • Twilight Thursdays, Clovis Botanical Garden
    • Respite By the River
    • California Autoharp Gathering
    • Tower Theatre, Fresno
    • Fresno Folklore Society Concerts
    • Harvest Festival * Intermountain Nursery
    • Civil War Reenactment * Fresno Historical Society
    • Auberry Library Concert Series
    • Fresno Historical Society Christmas Program
    • Fair Winds Retirement Home
The GillyGirls have the privilege of being a part of a select few of young adults and children who have been adopted through “Snowflake Embyo Adoption.”

“I love being in the band because of the places we get to go and the people we meet”. –Savannah

“I love to jam with other musicians, it makes me feel energized and connected to people”. –Morgan


“Being in a band is hard work, but it always pays off and we always have fun.” –Hailey

Our band is a unique opportunity. Music gives me the Giggles. I especially have fun playing with my sisters.” –Jillian