All Sisters

Two Sets of Twins

Meet the Girls

Savannah – Hailey – Jillian – Morgan

Do you believe in destiny?

Their Story is Amazing


They are special! These two sets of twin sisters were adopted by Jeff and Danette Gillingham. (Mother) Danette explains, “We adopted them as frozen embryos from a couple who had done in vitro and had leftover frozen embryos. The mother was too old to have any more children and was burdened about these “babies” that were in Frozen Storage waiting for life. An adoption agency in Southern California started a program to match infertile couples with genetic families that had frozen embryos.”

The Gillingham’s were among the first families to adopt. Danette actually gave birth to their adopted children and all four girls are 100% genetic siblings.

It’s called the Snowflake Embryo Adoption Program. No two snowflakes are alike as are no two embryos!

This information was kept somewhat private for many years, but eventually this amazing family of six decided that this information should be shared. After multiple radio, TV and newspaper interviews regarding their adoption story, they were invited to The White House to meet President Bush and stood on stage with him as he vetoed the Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill.

The sisters explain that, “…everyone has their gifts to bring to others in this life. For us, one of our ways to spread the fruits of peace is through our music.”



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